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Top Reasons For Dog Crate Training

Often, many pet owners misunderstand the concept and the importance of crate training. Believing that crating an animal for any length of time is a cruel thing to do. Infact, dog crate training is actually one of the best things you can do for your pet. It gives him his own personal place that no one else invades. If you think about it, you probably like having your own space, so why wouldn't your dog?

One thing you need to remember about your pet. He is going to want to be with you so it's best to either make sure his crate is where he can see and hear other people. If it is going to be an extra load on you to move his cage all over the house purchase an extra cage. This will allow him to have one in the bedroom and one in an ther part of the house.

Another advantage to crate training your dog is that if you have somewhere he can be confined when you are away, you do not have to worry about coming home and finding a mess. Older dogs normally will hold their bathroom trips for a longer period of time. However, puppies will pretty much go anywhere until they get accustomed to going out or using puppy pads.

Dog crate training can be great if you are planning on taking your pet with you somewhere that you have to fly. This can keep them from being so nervous if they are already accustomed to being in a crate. Traveling in their own crate that is familiar to them will not be as upsetting either. Taking along a favorite blanket or toy helps too.

A great advantage to crate training if you have a larger breed dog such as a boxer is that he can go to his crate when company is visiting. Some people are afraid of big dogs and it makes them uncomfortable to know the dog can get to them. If he is in a crate, it will ease the feelings of your guest and your dog.

Some dogs are just natural born chew machines. They will chew anything and everything they can get their teeth into. So crate training is a blessing if you have a job or places you need to go. Then you won't have to come home to all of your belongings chewed to pieces.

Just take into consideration when you do put your dog in his crate that you don't make him stay inside for hours upon hours. He needs to be able to get out and stretch his legs and go to the bathroom. The crates can be comfortable but your dog needs to be able to get out and stroll around to keep his muscles from getting cramped.

We love our dogs, once you've successfully house-trained your dog, remember to reward your dog for using his crate in the correct manner! You have just taken the long rewarding road towards creating a positive bond with your dog!

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