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Raising A Puppy And Starting Training

Dear Adam:

I bought your book the other day and read it right to the last page as soon as I got the secret password and web site address. I learned a lot, but now I have a few questions.

[Here's the link to the book again... in case you forgot!]

I have an 8-week-old Rotty/Golden Retriever mix and I have begun the bonding exercises and started establishing the pecking order. However, I'm wondering at what age I can start training him using the techniques in your book (aside from the housebreaking). A lot of the training involves the pinch collar and I didn't th nk it was appropriate for such a young pup.

Could you please let me know when to start. I would very much appreciate your help. I can't wait to get started.

Thank you Danita

Dear Danita:

Thanks for the question.

Yes... the version of the book that you will receive in the mail is an EVEN NEWER version with EVEN MORE cool stuff in it. And it goes into more detail about the puppy stuff.

In general, the only aspects of training that I do for a puppy that is less than 4 months old is:

1.) Housebreaking.

2.) Supervised conditioning exercises.

3.) Socialization to different environments.

4.) Correcting unwanted behavior (biting, chewing, etc...) which, if it can't be redirected to a toy, then I'll use the small pinch collar. Just remember... YOU must tailor the amount of motivation to your puppy's temperament. This is EXACTLY the same as the mother pup would do, if the puppy's tit-sucking (or play for that matter) became too obnoxious) She'd turn around and give the pup a bite on the neck.

And that's pretty much it.

You can start building associations to various commands inducively... by using food or toys. But I like to wait until the dog is 4 to 4/12 months (when you see the adult teeth start to come in) before beginning the formal obedience exercises. (Sit, Down, Come, etc...)

That's all for now, folks! Adam

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