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Dog Training. A Lesson You Must Learn Before It's Too Late

Dog and Puppy Training for A Happy and Safe Life.

A dog has a deep rooted need to perform for us. This is clearly apparent in 'working dogs' but it is also just as strong a desire in other breeds.

They yearn to serve, work, obey and be rewarded which in turn gives them canine contentment.

As a form of basic dog training, once we have introduced a dog into our lives and we should make sure the dog gets to use their instincts by setting them sufficient tasks to complete.

This is a basic requirement of a dog's life and ensures the dog will be happy.

The most common feature in destructive or unhappy dogs is that they are given no function in life.

To exist is simply ot enough. A dog thrives on outdoor exercise, fetching sticks and chasing a ball as this is a dogs life and it's what dogs do.

Dog training will not only improve the dog's life - it will improve yours too.

You will find that when you successfully teach your dog challenging new commands, the relationship between the two of you becomes remarkably stronger.

This will make you and the dog keen to carry out more training exercises and it becomes a progressive bonding which reaps rewards for all.

Through dog training it must be shown that the world is a good and safe place to live and the dog must learn to respect this. There are many people who do not like dogs and really don't understand why we would possibly want one as a pet.

Some folk with children discourage communication between the child and our dog because they are afraid or nervous around the animal themselves. If our dog is properly trained, these less keen members of society will see how well the dog behaves, our reputation as dog owners will improve and we will be regarded as responsible people within the community.

It is vital before you start training your dog that you take a general overview of the dog's current behavior.

Training should be specifically geared to any problem areas, making specific allowances for the nature of the breed of the dog. Dog training should be 'reward' based and punishment for not getting the task right, however long it takes, should not be an option.

Although at times you will both get frustrated, you will find for every bit of effort you put into correctly training your dog you will be given much more back in the long run.

Of course, the younger the animal is when you start the dog training, the better. If you give the dog a chance to get into bad habits early on in life, this will make dog training much harder, although not altogether impossible, in the future.

'You can't teach an old dog new tricks' - well you can!

However, the experience will be far less demanding and much more enjoyable for you and your dog if you start early with some basic puppy training exercises.

This is a positive way to ensure your puppy reaches adulthood and continues to live a happy and safe life.

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