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Build A Strong Friendship Training Your Dog


Teach your dog to be happy, healthy, and sociable. Good dog training is all about bonding with your dog, where the dog has respect for you and also where the dog clearly recognizes that the owner is his master and that he or she is the boss.

If the owner assumes the role as the leader, the dog knows and respects that position, then it will feel more secure and be a happier pet.

A properly trained dog should never be fearful of it's owner and that is why most up-to-date methods of dog training focus on the positive aspects of the dogs actions and reward it for the good actions that it takes rather than punishing it for anything that it does that is wrong.

A w ll trained dog that respects it's owner will always want to please, and that leads to a better-behaved dog both at home and when socializing with other dogs and people.

These positive training methods are also great at training dogs that have consistently done something wrong, as they will quickly learn that the rewards for good actions are far greater than the attention they are seeking from their negative actions.

Even older dogs can be trained quite well by using these methods so a dog is certainly never too old to learn new tricks.


Recognition training is quite possibly one of the oldest methods of training dogs, dating back to the days when people started trying to naturalize wild animals. Recognition dog training is probably the method of dog training that most of us are well known, and it is a natural instinct to reward the dog when they perform the task that we have asked of them.

Some people prefer to use a combination of the reward training methods and the leash and collar training to get the best out of their dog in the least time. Some dogs respond better to reward training than leash and collar training so your decision might depend on what method you see working the best with your dog.


There are many different factors that come into play when determining how long your dog training sessions should be.Just as people have many and varied personalities, the same is true for dogs - even within a breed.

Many people recommend that you do a personality analysis before getting your dog to determine which breed will be most suitable in your life. Very often, however, we choose dogs based on other different factors at the time.

The various different breeds of dogs have different personal qualities and you need to work with these when training your dog to get the best results. The age of the dog is also a factor in deciding the ability to be trained.

While young puppies generally have a shorter attention span they haven't picked up the bad habits of older dogs and in most cases are easily trained. When training young puppies it is a good idea to have shorter training clinics, and to end the training clinics with a bit of fun and games.

When you mix a little fun with the training, you always get better results, and you will also be more likely to proceed with the dog training for longer. As the owner and their dog advance with training, both parties will find it far more enjoyable as the results will improve and the obvious rewards that both the dog and the owner receive from one another will bond the relationship even further.

There's nothing quite like dog training to start off a bond between the dog owner and his new pet, in the best possible manner. Dog training is the best thing you could ever do for your pet for a long lasting relationship.

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